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There is a natural flow to life, nature and the universe.  Trust the process and allow life to be the way it is.

Have faith and belief – life and the universe always supports us.

A flower blossoms when it is ready.  A child walks at the right time.  Love is fulfilled at the perfect moment.  God comes through when we need him most in the eleventh hour.

Notice how we want things to happen when we want them.
What do we control?
Will we be alive in the next moment?

The universe has the first move – it’s in charge.  Some things happen before we can think of them and other things happen much later than we want.  There is a divine design and divine timing to everything.  Every apparent delay is for the best.

The ego loves to make us think we are all powerful and in charge.  When we are in our ego, we are not present in the moment.  We certainly are not in our heart and feelings.  Spiritual growth stops when the ego takes over.  The ego is a fear state.  Being present in the current moment is our point of greatest power.  It allows us to be awake, open, observing and receptive to what is happening now.

Everything is happening in perfect divine order.  There is an ebb and flow to life.  Sometimes we must first empty before we can receive.  Sometimes we are too full and need to release and cleanse in order to receive something new and better.

Remember a time when you felt in the flow.  You weren’t thinking or trying to make something happen.  You were just being, or in the moment.  This is when the best things happen and miracles occur.

The good you are seeking is also seeking you.
Stay open, positive and expect miracles.
Seek your divine plan or divine design.

The best way to receive is to give.

🙂 Lee
The MEGA Coach


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