Have a Magnificent Day!

prosperous-livingAre you looking for the good in people, situations and things in your life?

Are you counting your blessings throughout the day?

Positive energy and an attitude of gratitude empower us to transcend challenges and achieve success.  It takes just as much energy to be positive as it does to be negative.  What have you been choosing lately?

We can easily see where our focus has been by the quality of our life, health, relationships and results.  How are you right now?

When we change our thoughts/energy/focus we shift our energy and outcomes.  The best time to catch and eradicate a negative thought or pattern of behavior is when they first start and are the weakest.  Nip them before they bud and grow fruit.

What choice do you make now?

We can’t change the circumstances in our life or the past, but we can transform the way we see them with a healthy attitude and perspective.  There are special people in our life who fill us with love, joy, hope and inspiration.  They nurture and nourish us.  Every day there are people who serve and give to us.

Do you acknowledge the people around you for their contributions to you and the world?
Do you acknowledging yourself for all of your wonderful qualities and deeds?

Now is a good time to count your blessings.  It is time to recognize, appreciate and acknowledge the people around us, including ourselves.

My dear friend Michael Wyman says, “A little acknowledgement goes a long way!”

Have a Magnificent & Prosperous Day!

🙂 Lee
The MEGA Coach



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