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Even the most positive people have moments of doubt, negative thoughts and challenges.  Over the past year I am dealing with a back injury and trauma and doing everything possible to heal.  I have been to numerous doctors, specialists, physical therapists, massage therapists and healers.  After much time, energy and cost I am now starting all over with a new program.  I am doing my best to let go and move forward.  So dealing with a lot of pain and frustration, I went to my trusty advisor The I Ching.

From The I Ching or Book of Changes by Brian Browne Walker:

23.   Splitting Apart

“A period has been entered when inferior influences will prevail.  Even a superior person who seeks to act now will be undermined by the time.  There is no reason to resist this state of affairs; indeed, it is natural that the inferior elements periodically come to the fore.  Adversity is often a stimulant to our spiritual growth and what is important is the spirit in which we meet it.

When challenging situations come to call, we are often overwhelmed with feelings of anxiety, doubt and fear.  We fear that if we do not act immediately and vigorously, we will be ruined; we doubt the power of the Creative to resolve the situation favorably.  It is when we act upon these feelings that we engage in “splitting apart”: we split apart from our spiritual path, our devotion to the Higher Power, and the wisdom of patient nonaction in the face of difficulty.  If you take this course now, you will prevent the Creative from coming to your aid and unnecessarily increase your own misfortune.

The guide to proper behavior at such times lies in the image of the hexagram, which is “mountain over earth.”  By keeping as still and quiet as a mountain, by resting firmly on your foundation of proper principles, by accepting the nature of the time and not resisting it, you weather all storms.  By trusting in nonaction, acceptance and patience, you gain the strength of the very earth.”

Letting go and accepting what is does not mean giving up.

🙂 Lee
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