Have a Magnificent Day!

One of our greatest blessings is that God sends us angels to help us on our path in life.
These angels can take the form of special people and helpers who guide us with their love and kindness.

Have you had someone special who made a difference in your life?
Someone who encouraged you, nurtured you and inspired you?

For me, I am blessed to have grown up with a few special, inspirational women.
When I was young, my parents hired a “Nanny” to help in our home.
I have three brothers and four boys were a lot to care for.

God blessed our family by sending us not only a “Nanny,” but an angel named Madeline Brown.  She like to be called, “Maddy” and also “Brownie.”  Maddy took care of my family in many more ways than just cooking, cleaning and laundry.  Maddy brought love, kindness and true service into her work.

Maddy had a secret to being an incredible Nanny, she loved us.  She cared about people and she cared about doing a good job – so naturally is showed and you could feel it.  During those challenging high school years Maddy and I were pretty close and would talk often.  I could share my feelings, questions, confusion and find a caring, wise and loving soul who truly listened to me.

Maddy’s love and compassion were always there to fill me with hope.  When I did not understand why people could be so cruel or when life seemed so unfair, Maddy was there.  Even if she did not have a solution to my problem, I was better off because I felt her love and care. 

Maddy also had a great sense of humor and did not take life too seriously.  She came from Jamaica and also lived in England before joining our family.  She cooked an awesome beef stew and the best fried chicken in the world.  Her accent was priceless and when she smiled it filled your heart.  Sometimes she would look at me and shrug her shoulders and just say, “Me no know!”

I left home for college in Rochester, NY and then on to graduate school in San Diego, CA.  I came home to visit, but was not there very much during those years.  But I kept in touch with Maddy because I wanted to, because she was a gift.

As I was young and inexperienced in those years, I did not fully realize the precious gift God had given me and my family.  We were blessed to have an angel supporting us all those years through our trials and tribulations.  I moved back to NY after graduate school and was able to see Maddy more often.

Eventually, in 1995 I moved out to Southern California to live.  Over these past I stayed even more in touch with Maddy and discovered that I treasure her.  We spoke mostly by phone and exchanged cards throughout the years.  Her cheery attitude, voice and lovely accent always came through.  To me, Brownie is always smiling.

As Maddy aged into her 80’s and 90’s, her joy and spirit was strong and vibrant.
She was a positive person and rarely focused on her physical challenges and pain.
Complaining was not her way.  Maddy was a light to this world.

Maddy passed last January.  She made it 90 years on earth and it was time for her to go back home and be with God.  God blessed me and our family with one of His sweet angels.  Maddy loved and nurtured us.  We are all better people because of her love and example.  Her smile and twinkle is in my heart and soul.  This world is a better place because of Madeline Brown.  Today is her birthday and every October 24th is a special day.  Happy Birthday Maddy!  I love you!

I hope that you acknowledge, recognize and appreciate the special people who touch your life.  Let them know that they make a difference and share your love with them.  For love is the greatest force in the universe and that is why we are really here – to discover our full capacity to love.

🙂 Lee
The Mega Coach


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