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The Science to Getting Rich‘, by Wallace Wattles
Intro by Roy Eugene Davis:

“Because of our essential divine nature, we are designed to prosper – to thrive, to flourish and to be successful.  If we are not thriving, if we are not flourishing, if we are not being successful, we have lessons yet to learn.  Learning our lessons and actualizing our innate soul qualities is the very purpose of human existence.  We might as well do all we can to fulfill the purpose for being here in the world.  You are destined to experience total completion.  You are designed to be spiritually aware, mentally creative, emotionally well, physically vital,  happy in relationships and to be a goal achiever.”

Wallace D. Wattles:

“It is a tremendous thing, this fact that all you need is already within you;
that you do not have to consider how to get the power to do what you want to be.
You have only to consider how to use the power you already have in the right way.
And there is nothing to do but to begin.”


You are worthy of all the goodness that life can hold.
You were born to do things that have never been done, to understand things that have never been understood.   You are here in this place to express the rich and unique beauty that lives within you.

For you are here to do great things.

Let your enthusiasm and inspiration flow onto everyone you come in contact with.
Life is for giving, so give your enthusiasm away and watch your life shine.

You can change the world, one moment at a time and one person at a time. 
Remember it first starts with you.

What if today is the day for you to choose, to decide that you are successful and achieving and manifesting your deepest desires and outcomes?  Is it possible, is it just possible, that today, you make the choice to go forward with 100% commitment in your life and energy?

🙂 Lee
The Mega Coach



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