Have a Magnificent Day!

In the words of a remarkable man, W. Clement Stone:

What do you do when you have a serious personal problem?
(Physical, mental, moral, spiritual, family, social or business problem.)

Your philosophy will determine your answer.
What is your living philosophy?
Actions determine the validity of a person’s philosophy.

There is an old Hindu legend that tells when the Gods were making the world they asked, ‘Where can we hide the most valuable of treasures, so that they will not be lost? How can we hide them so that the lust and greed of men will not steal or destroy them.  What can we do to make sure that these riches will carry on from generation to generation for the benefit for all mankind?’

So in their wisdom they selected a hiding place that was so obvious that it would not be seen and there they placed the true riches of life endowed with the true power of perpetual self-replenishment.  In this hiding place these treasures can be found by every living person in every land who follows the success system that never fails.

Where is this hiding place?

The most valuable of treasures are  hidden within you.

No one can steal or destroy them.  You cannot lose them.

For the true riches of life are hidden in the hearts and minds of man.

No matter what you want, you must start with yourself.
Happiness, health, love, wealth, position, prestige, to be of service or the success of any form
Whatever you want or want to achieve is within you.
There are natural barriers inside you that can be overcome by you if you know how.

Here are some suggestions that can help you swing open the doors of those barriers.
Little hinges that swing big doors.

Engage in thinking, planning and study time with regularity.  Do this daily.
Use your conscious and subconscious mind and move forward in the best way possible.

Write down your thoughts, ideas and action plan.  Keep a notebook.

Check your progress regularly.

You must follow through with action.

Three Ingredients which are absolutely imperative for continuous success and achievement in any human activity:

1)    Activity Knowledge – knowledge of the activity, service, products, methods or skills with which you are particularly concerned.

2)    Know How – the particular techniques and skills that consistently get results for you when applied.  It is the proper application of knowledge. This becomes habit through actual repetition and experience.  Practice, practice, practice… doing the right thing in the right way to get the right results.

3)    Inspiration to Action – that which motivates you to act because you want to…with every disadvantage that is a greater advantage for those who have a positive mental attitude.  With every adversity there is the seed of an equivalent or greater benefit for those who have a positive mental attitude.

Memorize, understand, comprehend and apply those principles that will help you develop a positive mental attitude.  Success is maintained and achieved by those who try and keep trying.
Do it now!

“I feel healthy, I feel happy, I feel terrific!
How do you feel?”

prosperously yours,
🙂 Lee
The Mega Coach



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