Have a Magnificent Day!

Life is so precious.
Each moment is a chance for joy.


Why not take advantage of this opporunity to express your greatest good?
Why not make this moment, right now a blessing full of love?


We are here for a special purpose.

It is much more than to satisfy our material or ego needs, isn’t it?


Did God create us so that we can hurt ourselves, each other and fight for money, sex or power?

Why are you here?  What is your higher purpose for your life?


What would happen if each of us lived from our heart and spirit following the Golden Rule?

What if each of us was kind to each other every moment?

What kind of world could you create coming from service and kindness?
What if people were the most important thing?


Your life can be a blessing and you can express your greatest good right now.

Or you can choose something else.


What is your heart and soul yearning to express?

What is the song you want to sing?


What is your legacy or contribution going to be?

How will people remember how you made them feel?


All I want is to hold you forever
All I need is you more very day.
You saved my heart from being broken apart

You gave your love away
And I’m thankful every day

For the gift.’


                        Jim Brickman


God gives us everything we have in this world.

He sends us the people that we need every moment.

He gives us our true friends, life partners, family, etc.

All of our sustainance and life is his gift.


Make the most of your gift.

Make the greatest contribution possible.


Make your world a miracle.



🙂 Lee

The Mega Coach


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