Have a Magnificent Day!

Have a Magnificent Day!

No Try, Only Do

posted by The MEGA Coach

Are we living our life from our true source?

Or are we asleep or pretending that we are just human beings and not totally responsible for our lives and choices?


The Game of Life is about freedom of choice every moment.
This is the glorious gift that God gives us.


We can choose to soar to enlightened heights and create heaven on earth,

or we can choose to be victims of circumstances and try, and give less than 100% of our potential.


As we think so we are.
We create our own realities.

Raise your energy and vibration.

Feel God’s love and purpose in your heart and go forward.


As Yoda said, “there is no try, only do.”

Try is word that should be wiped away from usage 95% of the time.


Life is about having the courage to serve others, to give of yourself and to go total.
“If you are not willing to go all the way in life, why bother to go at all” 
Joe Namath


Life can be a dashing bold adventure or it can be boring.
It can be anything you choose, because you create your own reality out of your thoughts and consciousness.


When FEAR comes up, feel it, let it burn and give it to God.

Then you are free.  It’s ok to ask God for help, that is why he is here.


If you are still worried about Obama, Pelosi, The Great Recession, whatever,

why not give it to God and ask him for a definite lead. 


Let’s stop the insanity of all this negativity and start creating and believing in the Land of the Free

and the Home of the Brave.


America can be great again and it starts here and now.

The best way to never forget is to create massive success in all areas following proper principles.


It’s time for us to wake up and go back to living the founding principles of creative and spiritual truth.
Our country has gotten fat, lazy and complacent. 
This is why most other countries have eaten our lunch. 
We let them.


We voted for Obama and Pelosi as a nation.

It’s time to stop blaming and finger pointing and forgive ourselves. 
It’s time to start fresh and clean up our act.


Keep it real, keep it clear and let it flow.

Let go and let God!



  • CM

    Lee, I believe that most everyone feels the same way as you.
    Thank you!

  • Carol G

    Lee…Your message .. Let go and let God VIBRATES! We are spiritual people walking on THIS earth … with all of our fears and woes or with our confidence and answered prayers. The state of the economy is not God-given, but man-given. And in order to create CHANGE, each Man needs to step up and bring peace and prosperity and belief into their OWN lives so they can help others. Many of those in charge are not acting in good faith or with good intentions .. and they are the ones making the rules. Our freedoms of choice, lifestyle, careers and being undermined. Go with-in .. talk to God .. find out where You need to be to serve… and do it for the right reason. God Bless!

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