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Fireflight.JPGMark your calendar for Friday, November 20, when rockers Fireflight will host a live webcast to share music from their upcoming February 2010 release, For Those Who Wait.
The webcast kicks off at 5 PM eastern / 4 PM Central / 2 PM Pacific. All you have to do is head over to the Fireflight live webcast site at the right time. To post a question, just type in your name and question in the chat box.
Don’t you love it when artists give fans a chance to interact personally? That’s not always possible at shows, although many Christian artists do the best they can to see and talk to everyone who wants to chat, and Fireflight is one of them.
This is probably a good time to clear the air on something, too. Well, long past time actually.

Last year, I told you about a really amusing (at the time, anyway) encounter I had with the band at a local music festival. It was one of those moments when I embarrassed myself, and then someone in the band responded in away that came off a little rude,but gave myself and the other music folks with me a good laugh. And so, of course, I wrote about it.
Unfortunately, in hindsight, I realized that maybe it made the band look bad. And later, the band read it and I know they were hurt, and for that I was sorry. So at GMA, I scheduled an interview with Fireflight so I could apologize.
It was a little chilly at first, when I explained who I was and that we’d met before, but once I told them I was there to apologize, it was like a global warming front quickly melted away any tension. Clearly, it was a relief for us all – they apologized for coming off rude, I apologized for writing about it and making them look bad, and I’m so glad that I got the chance to make that right with them.
I’ve always loved the band’s music and been a fan of their committment to their faith. So we hugged, laughed, and it was all good.
And so, I’ve love for you to take the time tomorrow to check out the live webcast!
For more about Fireflight, visit their website.
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