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SaraGrovesChristmas.jpgIn a recent letter to customers, company CEO Jeff Bezos talked about the “wrap rage” many people feel when trying to get products out of “nearly impenetrable packages.”
Christian music artist Sara Groves feels his pain and shares her own thoughts on wrap rage in her new Christmas single, aptly titled “Toy Packaging,” from her new holiday album, O Holy Night.
Says Groves, “Last year at Christmas I had to use a screwdriver, wire-cutters, and scissors to open a toy and nearly cut off my finger in the effort. I was relieved to see on that I am not the only one who suffers from ‘wrap rage’ – where better to vent my feelings about toy packaging than on a Christmas album!”
Follow this link to get a free download of Sara Groves’ song “Toy Packaging.”
Here are the lyrics to the song, if you want to sing along. It’s a catchy little ditty :

Toy Packaging
Sara Groves and Ben Shive
© 2008 Sara Groves Music (ASCAP) admin by Music Services / ????
Nothing makes me lose my cool like
Toy packaging
Ask the kids to leave the room for
Toy packaging
I have no choice the money’s spent
I’ve worked for hours to make a dent
I guess it’s anger management
Toy packaging
Nothing makes me lose my cool like
Toy packaging
Ask the kids please leave the room it’s time for
Toy packaging
I’m drawing up a battle plan
to extricate this robot man
My self-esteem is in the can
Toy packaging
In the old days you could hold a box and shake it
And hear the pieces rattling around
My eyes tear up with these grommets, tape and twisty ties
Remembering their beautiful sound
Nothing makes me lose my cool like toy packaging
Kids you need to leave the room, mom’s opening toy packaging
I’m sorry you have to see this sight
You must be brave, no please don’t cry
I promise it will be alright
I hope to have it by tonight
Nevermind this dynamite
Toy packaging
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