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HeidiMontagHigherSingleCover2008.jpgFirst, the story that Katy Perry once released a Christian album, but fled that path for a more secular career where, as her fans have been vehemently asserting, “she can finally be herself.”
Now comes the news that Heidi Montag, star of MTV’s “The Hills,” wants to move in the opposite direction, from reality TV star to Christian recording artist.
It has been rumored that “The Hill’s” star and current boyfriend Spencer Pratt are Christians. Pictures of the pair coming out of a Sunday morning worship service at In His Presence church in Woodland Hills, California were posted on a celebrity gossip site in June. (Good grief, can’t these people even go to church without paparazzi snapping photos?)
But going into a church doesn’t make you a Christian. It just makes you a church goer.
In a recent story, Montag likens herself to squeaky clean pop trio The Jonas Brothers, touting herself as another positive role model. She also sympathizes with Jesus and his persecution.
I don’t know much about Montag and I don’t watch “The Hills,” but I have met the Jonas Brothers and I can tell you first hand they’re the real deal. And I’ve had a close encounter with Christ, and, call me ignorant, but I’m fairly certain that the best girlfriend cattiness of a reality TV show pales in comparison to dying for the sins of all mankind.
The photo here is the cover art for Montag’s single, “Higher,” which was released in February 2008. The lyrics are fairly benign – encouraging dreaming and spreading your wings to fly. The video, though, has her cavorting around on a beach, breasts almost hanging out of her t-shirt, and then rolling in the sand in a string bikini. Positive role model? I’m not so sure.
But hey, what do I know?
So, dear readers, you’re going to have to fill me in. Is Heidi Montag a Christian? If she releases a Christian album, will that be good or bad for her career? Can the girl even sing?
Or is she just looking to capitlize on her 15 minutes of fame?

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