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Let’s see how well you know Christian music! Q: What Christian singer/songwriter had to change his last name because it was getting flagged as porn by spam filters? Check back on Wednesday for the answer!

This May, Genius Products released the film, “The Wager,” on DVD. The movie stars country music star Randy Travis as Michael Steele, a Hollywood leading man who finally gets the Oscar nomination he’s been waiting for his whole career. But […]

This week, hands down, my pick of the week is Kutless To Know That You’re Alive. The album released Tuesday. To Know That You’re Alive is a great mix of hard rock anthems, like “The Feeling” and “The Rescue,” and […]

Hey Skillet fans! Catch your favorite hard rockers tonight on … CMT? The country station? You got it! The band is featured in tonight’s episode of the home renovation show, “Mobile Home Disasters.” It’s like “Extreme Makeover” except for mobile […]

In case you’re living on another planet, there’s a phenomenon sweeping the tween culture, and it’s growing at a rate far bigger than any other squeaky clean pop fad since The Beatles. Can we talk about The Jonas Brothers, for […]

Fee’s “All Because of Jesus Complete EP” was released exclusively on iTunes yesterday. The song is from the band’s September 07 release, We Shine. The EP contains an acoustic and radio mix of the band’s hit radio single, “All Because […]

On Monday I asked: What hard rockers were described in 2007 by MTV Buzzworthy as offering their film crew, “[A]n overwhelming amount of goodwill and generosity so real that you couldn’t fake it even if you wanted to?” The answer […]

In a fitting tribute, Sparrow Records recently opened its vaults and released hundreds of hours of Keith Green’s unreleased live concert recordings, festival recordings, television performances, teachings, photos, videos, and even new songs, and compiled them on two projects, The […]

The Myriad’s latest video, “You Waste Time Like A Grandfather Clock,” has been added to heavy rotation on MTV2. Check it out here!The band is fresh off their spring tour promoting their latest album, With Arrows, With Poise. The tour […]

I just got the summer concert schedule for one of my favorite artists, Celtic pop/rock band Ceili Rain, and I want to give you a head’s up, because if you get a chance to see them you won’t be disappointed. […]