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In honor of the publication 100 years ago of Christianity and the Social Crisis, the classic book by social gospel founder Walter Rauschenbusch, his great-grandson Paul Raushenbush published Christianity and the Social Crisis in the 21st century, the text of […]

About a decade ago, I wrote a newspaper column offering a theological critique of Promise Keepers, the then-massive Christian men’s movement. Within a few days, negative mail (remember letters?) swamped my office. One missive proved especially memorable: “Dear Diana, Promise […]

After a year of scandals in which celebrities such as Mel Gibson, Don Imus, and Isaiah Washington have reminded us that fame does not cancel out bigotry, Kathy Griffin last week became the latest public figure to make such headlines […]

I wrote earlier this week about the importance of Christian identity in sorting out questions of war and peace. I suggested that our membership in the body of Christ should be more determinative of our position on the wars of […]

By justice a king gives stability to the land, but one who makes heavy exactions ruins it. – Proverbs 29:4-4 + Sign up to receive our social justice verse of the day via e-mail

We feel it is the duty of Christians to create the kingdom of God on Earth among our brothers. This kingdom will exist only when we all have enough to eat, when our children, brothers, parents don’t have to die […]

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