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Lydia Bean’s post today, Jena is America, is a strong statement — and a truthful one. I’m always fascinated by frequent comments that racism is now much more subtle in America today. Well, one place racism is definitely not subtle […]

Today, Sept. 20, over 10,000 people will converge on Jena, Louisiana, to call for justice for the “Jena 6.” Thousands more will hold vigils in cities across America. As reported previously on this blog, it all started on Sept. 1, […]

This fall, for the fifth year, I’m teaching a course at Harvard. I spent Monday, the first day of the semester, in Cambridge. This year’s course, based at the divinity school, is titled “Faith and Politics: Should They Mix and […]

For God is a God not of disorder but of peace. – 1 Corinthians 14:33-33

We should never neglect to listen to any discourse that supports piety, virtues, and good behavior, for it is a way by which the salvation of God is manifested…. If you are not only moved to compunction by the conversation, […]

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