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Deputy National Security Advisor Elliot Abrams has allegedly “blessed” an undercover CIA attempt to destabilize the government of Iran. Abrams was, of course, involved in an earlier covert attempt to undermine a foreign government (of Nicaragua) which involved illegally selling arms to Iran. This November will be the 16th anniversary of Abrams’ conviction of lying to Congress about the Iran-Contra affair. We suggest that he celebrate with cake, ice cream, and maybe taking some time to talk with other administration officials about blowback.

The term “blowback” was, it turns out, first used by the CIA to describe unintended negative consequences of its 1953 plot to overthrow the elected prime minister of Iran, Mohammad Mossadeq.

To be fair, the current alleged plan against the Iranian government is not licensed to kill anyone, and so far does not appear to involve lying to Congress.

Elizabeth Palmberg is an assistant editor for Sojourners.

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