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Years ago my friend Gerry Straub underwent a spectacular modern-day conversion, from successful Hollywood TV producer and practicing atheist to downwardly mobile disciple of Jesus, following his hero, St. Francis of Assisi. Soon, he founded a Franciscan-based non-profit, the San […]

History does not tend to be kind to Christian theologians who demand war. Peter Steinfels recently called attention to a contemporary history lesson drawn in an ongoing debate between Catholic neo-cons who have supported the Iraq war and the popes […]

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We cannot merely pray to You, O God to end war:For we know You made the world in a wayThat we must find our own path of peaceWithin ourselves and with our neighbor. We cannot merely pray to You, O […]

Why do you call me “Lord, Lord,” and do not do what I tell you? – Luke 6:46 + Sign up to receive our social justice verse of the day via e-mail