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January 1, 1970 Archives

Two events this week should cause all Christians to stop and consider the relationship between truth and war. Both the congressional hearings in the Tillman/Lynch cases and the Bill Moyers PBS special about the media and Iraq point out one […]

Charles De Gaulle once said that politics is far too serious to be left in the hands of politicians. I agree! The politicians in Washington are painfully divided over what should be done about the war in Iraq. The Republicans […]

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Martin Luther King Jr. is celebrated as the Dreamer. He was more than a dreamer, however; he was a visionary who drum-majored a liberation parade that challenged and changed the status quo. He was not killed for dreaming. He was […]

Surely one does not turn against the needy, when in disaster they cry for help. Did I not weep for those whose day was hard? Was not my soul grieved for the poor? But when I looked for good, evil […]