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We arrived in Tehran, Iran, at 1:30 a.m. on Monday morning, nearly 24 hours after we left Washington, D.C. In some ways, the long distance and the considerable time needed to get to Iran is symbolic of just how far […]

Apparently there was something about Jim’s tone in his last post that struck a nerve within the progressive faith blogosphere. From Pastor Dan: …there’s a whole constellation of faithful people in the netroots who have been working these issues out […]

Dear Kos, I read your piece, Religion, values, and politics, and liked a lot of what you said. But I have a few responses to it. You and I have discussed this before, and you are clearly not attacking religion […]

Also, watch the panel discussion with Pat Buchanan and Peter Fenn that follows Jim’s interview – he and his ideas are mentioned several times:

The latest news on the Mideast, arms control, war and rural America, Anglicans, Iraq, Iran, VP Cheney, immigration and select Op-Eds. Sign up to receive our daily news summary via e-mail » Full news summary: Anglicans. Anglicans Rebuke U.S. Branch […]

Whatever may be the tensionsand the stresses of a particular day,there is always lurking close at handthe trailing beautyof forgotten joyor unremembered peace. – Howard Thurmanfrom Meditations of the Heart.+ Sign up to receive our quote of the day via […]

You have heard that it was said to those of ancient times, “You shall not murder”; and “whoever murders shall be liable to judgment.” But I say to you that if you are angry with a brother or sister, you […]