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I want to alert our whole constituency to a development of major importance. Since 2001, a conversation has been quietly taking place among American church leaders from all of our church families about what it would take to come together […]

Asra Nomani and I have a “e-relationship.” I first heard about her in 2003 when she and her mother, Sajida, entered their mosque in Morgantown, West Virginia, by the front door and prayed in the same room with men. By […]

The latest news on child welfare, Iraq, U.S. prisons, Iran, 2007 budget, Libby trial, Darfur, and global warming. Sign up to receive our daily news summary via e-mail » Full news summary: Child welfare. U.S., Britain fare poorly in children […]

…[W]hatever we do counts. If we do not serve what coheres and endures, we serve what disintegrates and destroys. – Wendell Berryexcerpt from Wendell Berry’s essay “Two Economies.” + Sign up to receive our quote of the day via e-mail

Shall one who hates justice govern? Will you condemn one who is righteous and mighty, who says to a king, “You scoundrel!” and to princes, “You wicked men!”; who shows no partiality to nobles, nor regards the rich more than […]