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Jim WallisThursday evening at the Broad Street Presbyterian Church in downtown Columbus, Ohio, religious leaders from across the denominational spectrum worshiped, preached, and prayed together. In the final days before the 2006 election, their unified message rang out loud and clear: “On Nov. 7, we’re gonna let it shine.”

The “Voting Our Values” rally, which Sojourners sponsored along with Catholics in Alliance for the Common Good, We Believe Ohio, and Let Justice Roll, drew a crowd, with more than 500 in attendance. They’re looking for a deeper conversation about the role of faith and politics, rejecting the narrow political options of the Religious Right. That this happened in Ohio, a strategic battleground state currently at the epicenter of American political life, proves that the prevailing winds are truly changing. As I’ve traveled around the country these last two months, I’ve witnessed that American people of faith- like the citizens of Ohio- are hungry to vote ALL their values, not just trumpet a limited few. Pastor Rich Nathan of the Vineyard Church also spoke; we’ll post his remarks on Monday.

You can listen to my remarks here.

Read The Columbus Dispatch article.

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