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When Christian leaders go to government to call for sweeping structural change, we have more integrity and power when we can say: “We are part of Christian communities that are already beginning to live out what we are calling you […]

So I said, “Wisdom is better than might; yet the poor man’s wisdom is despised, and his words are not heeded.” The quiet words of the wise are more to be heeded than the shouting of a ruler among fools. […]

Reed’s final entry in a dialogue with Jim Wallis on the question: “What should values voters value most?” Jim, I’m glad we agree that faith-based organizations should not be discriminated against in the delivery of social services. They not only […]

Jim Wallis’ final post in his dialogue with former Christian Coalition leader Ralph Reed on the question: “What should values voters value most?” Ralph, you didn’t respond to my criticism of the faith-based initiative. I said it was a good […]

The nation is weary of the vitriolic and divisive political rhetoric that still comes from some on the Religious Right. In particular, the country is tired, truly tired, of Rev. Jerry Falwell. At the Religious Right’s Values Voter Summit, Rev. […]

The first week of the God’s Politics Blog got us off to a great start. I’ve enjoyed this dialogue with Ralph Reed. We agree that people of faith should address the central moral issues in the public arena, while we […]

Immigration. “The Senate will begin considering a series of House bills this week aimed at strengthening border security and toughening enforcement of immigration laws,” Religious Right. “Openly anxious about grass-roots disaffection from the Republican Party, conservative Christian organizers are reaching […]