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I think one of the most important problems in this case is “presumed omniscience”. Everyone who was not there presumes that they know exactly what happened. What we need more than anything in this case is some humility. We weren’t there and do not know what happened ~whether you agree or disagree with the verdict.

Godonomics is about the rule of law. When God taught his people to be free, he taught them to use the rule of law to pursue justice. This law was to be applied equally to both the native and the foreigner. The rule of law means that each individual (regardless of race, background, ethnicity) has certain rights given to them by their Creator; like due process. Presumed innocence. And as the Declaration of Independence states, “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness. That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men”

The role of government is to “secure” God given rights given to individuals. This protects the individual from mob rule, or being “voted into guilt” which can happen in a democracy or in this case, “having the media condemn you prior to a fair trial.”

When God led his people out of Egypt into freedom he gave them rules of evidence requiring 2 or 3 witnesses to condemn someone. He made a way that an accidental murderer would be protected from the “vengeance” of the victim’s family by making cities of refugee where they could reside. Bottom Line: God thought of all the tendencies of human beings and put in safe guards to protect the individual’s rights from vengeance and clear instructions for the state to prosecute evil doers.

I pastored a multiracial church in the deep south in a city that was very racially diverse. I continued to see black and white come together through the power of forgiveness and grace and understanding that God’s wisdom on law, on forgiveness, and on “individual” rights is the way to combat racism. In a town that was still practicing separate, but equal in their school system in the recent past, every teacher and administrator could tell you that when the races were finally combined, it was the “friends” from our church (black and white) who sat with each other, loved each others, and really fulfilled Martin Luther’s dream… By the grace of God.

One of the problems today is the “ambulance chaser mindset of folks like Al Sharpton” who are more worried about getting ratings for their TV show than God’s call to impartial justice, rule of law, and presumed innocence. It’s embarrassing.

I for one do not know what happened. I for one think the government’s job is to punish evil doers using a fair system of the rule of law in court that protects an individual from both family vengeance and a media sound-byte trial. Godonomics teaches that a free enterprise system must be undergirded by the rule of law and a republic government which we have in America makes us all freer and safer under these protections. We will not have perfect justice until Christ returns, but we are called to pursue the best reflection of that system until he returns.

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