After a three hour hike through ancient Philistine country, we were able to see Samson’s homeland. To the left is the area Samson hiked as he ignored God’s call to help those who were enslaved to the Philistines.   Samson lived a life of luxury and comfort and ignored his countrymen’s ongoing path to enslavement to the Philistines.


Godonomics is about the call to experience liberty.   Throughout history many have felt the call of God to bring liberty to those who are enslaved in the corruption of dictators, Pharoahs, or even the dangers of communist leaders.   It’s been Christians

throughout history who have followed the call of God to give up their very lives to help others.   Samson finally got on track to helping those who were hurting, but not until he felt the pain first hand.  He ultimately gave his life (like Christ did) so help others.

On this same hill was a tree with husks.     We were able to pick them off the tree and taste them. You can eat the

m directly. They taste very chocolaty.   When the Bible says that John the Baptist ate locusts and honey.  The word for “locusts” in Greek can also mean “husks.”  These husks were the “locust” John the Baptist probably ate.   The writer is telling us that John is a man of the land.   He eats from the land.  He eats honey and husks wherever he finds them.   John came to prepare the way for the coming Christ.   He called people to turn to obedience in God and call to serve others.      Are we using our lives and influence to help the enslaved and hurting?  Are we walking in obedience to God?

After walking 125 miles in 14 days exploring Israel, I wondered if a diet of chocolate and honey might do me good.  🙂


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