Why would God want people to make money?  Why are there so many verses about being prosperous?  These are the verses televangelists use to manipulate people into “vows of faith” and money grabs.    These snake oil salesmen approach assume that prosperous always means materialistic blessings.  However, Why might God want us to profit?  Godonomics is about

Producing… Profiting… Savings… and Giving.

If you are poor, you don’t have enough money for yourself, let alone others. God wants us to produce and profit, so we can help others. We can experience Goderosity. The act of being a steward of God’s talents, gifts, and money by giving to others as an act of worship.

Our church takes 80+ doctors, home-builders, and nurses to Belize each year to offer free health-care, dental work, surgeries. I’ve seen faces repaired, burned ears restored. I’ve seen homes built for people who would never -ever- have a home. I’ve embraced the poor. Seen the look of hope and gratitude in their eyes.    Two years ago, a doctor in our church coordinated with local businesses and raised funds to give the first ever ultrasound to the country of Belize. The entire country owns ONE ultrasound given to them by a generous doctor touched by the pain of poverty and using his gifts, vacation time, and training to bless others.

We are called to be rich toward God. Rich toward the poor. Rich toward the hurting. We are called to be good Samaritans.

When I was in Belize last, I saw the extreme poor display more gratitude than 99% of Americans I know. I also was humbled to see them take up an offering to help the tsunami victims. The poor give better than the rich, even though they have so little to give.   We need to help the poor…

More than that, we need to learn from the poor how to trust God and give to others.

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