The historian Josephus noted that Christians were radically generous, while Romans didn’t share any of their wealth with anyone. Christ-followers were so taken that their Savior who was rich became poor to make them rich in God, that they willingly and wisely lived below their means to help the needy.  The Romans were impressed that they helped BOTH Christian and non-Christian poor. It was one of the secrets to their success.  The most important factor being that “Dead Man Walking” of course.

I went to a conference last week and heard so many continuing the legacy of Christian legacy.   Mother Maggie (a modern Mother Theresa) spoke humbly of her decision to leave a life of luxury in Cairo, Egypt to go live amongst the poor. There is an entire generation living in the garbage heap in Egypt. They get their money by going through trash bags from the city. Their food is found in remnants from the urban refuse.  Children and families live and sleep on beds made from bags of trash.

She reminded us that 50% of the world’s population lives on less than $2.00 a day, and half of that live on less than $1.00 a day.    She began a work of generosity to feed the children, clothe the children, and teach the children about the care, love, concern, and love of Jesus Christ.

There were no dry eyes in the conference as she showed the example of challenge of going to the poor.  As we Americans wrestle with concerns over our 401K, retirement, and what’s happening on Wall Street, perhaps we need to remember that most of the world is wondering IF they’ll eat tomorrow.

The greatest cure for depression is to help your neighbor.

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