It’s 8 days before Election Day and the GOP’s pastor-in-chief, Mike Huckabee, is emailing constituents with a fundraising pitch that’s silent on the party’s presidential nominee, not a good sign for McCain: I want you to help me reach our […]

The faith-based pro-Obama PAC Matthew 25 Network has posted its rejoinder to Focus on the Family’s letter from 2012, which looked back on what Focus considers a disastrous Obama first term.Matthew 25 is also out with two Christian radio ads, […]

This piece originally ran at New York Daily News online: In the 2004 election, the pattern of religious voters supporting George W. Bush and secular voters backing John Kerry was so stark that it introduced a new term to the […]

At Christianiy Today’s politics blog, Sarah Pulliam points out that the 16-page letter from Focus on the Family offering a hypothetical look back on the first term of an Obama administration that’s disastrous for religious conservatives blames young evangelicals for […]

Yesterday, The Barna Group–the nation’s premiere Christian polling firm–released a survey showing Barack Obama making significant inroads among evangelical and born again voters. Among born agains, here’s Barna’s breakdown: McCain 45% Obama 43% Undecided 10% This is a group that […]

Inspired by conservative Christian radio host Janet Porter’s (formerly Janet Folger) recent newscast from the day after President Obama’s inauguration, Focus on the Family Action has sent a 16-page letter to constituents from the year 2012, recapping Obama’s first term. […]

A reader, gmo2, responds to one of God-o-Meter’s recent observations: “It strikes God-o-Meter that the firestorm of Palin criticism from elites–both liberal and conservative–is not fueled by Palin’s apparently Biblical worldview but by the fact that that worldview appears to […]

This is from a new polling memo that The Barna Group, the country’s preeminent Christian pollster, just sent out: One of the surprising insights of the research is the significant inroads Sen. Obama has made among the Christian community, particularly […]

The conservative Judicial Confirmation Network is running this ad in Ohio and parts of Pennsylvania and Ohio. Like a video released a few weeks ago by the conservative Catholic group Fidelis, the ad tells voters that there are more important […]

Listen to Focus on the Family founder James Dobson’s brand new radio interview with Sarah Palin here. Dobson says he’s praying for a miracle on Election Day, a thinly-veiled prayer for a McCain/Palin victory. What most struck God-o-Meter about the […]