The “Godless” ad that U.S. Senator Elizabeth Dole is running against her Democratic challenger in North Carolina is a stark reminder that faith-based attacks have been kept to a relative minimum in the presidential race. It’s also a reminder, to GOM at least, that the McCain campaign has thus far refrained from running ads against Obama based on Jeremiah Wright, his longtime pastor. That kind of attack would be the opposite of Dole’s in North Carolina; rather than paint Obama as “Godless,” it would skewer him for cozying up to a man of the cloth.To God-o-Meter, there’s a pattern here: faith-based attacks tend to come from Republicans who are religious and who’ve incorporated their faith into their political personas, e.g. Dole and Palin. And McCain, a Republican who’s famously uncomfortable incorporating faith into his political persona is refraining from such attacks.So if Palin, Mike Huckabee, or another social conservative gets the nod in 2012, due to a post-McCain religious right uprising, we could be looking at more faith-based attacks at the presidential level. By then, though, Rev. Wright would be old news7

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