obamacross4.jpgAlmost 200 comments since yesterday on God-o-Meter’s post about Obama’s new line of faith merchandise, and many of them read like this:

Wonderful. Catholics supporting someone who supports infanticide. Can you even consider yourself Christian if you support Obama?

and this:

Aren’t Marxists atheists? I’m confused as to why Barack Obama would embrace religious people

and this:

You can be a Catholic. Or you can be for Obama. You cannot be both…

After all Obama’s writing about his coming to Christianity and the role that it played in his life, after his church organizing in the 1980s, after the the well-documented role of Rev. Jeremiah Wright in baptizing Obama and his daughters, marrying him to his wife and blessing his house, after all Obama’s public testimonials about his relationship with Jesus, do these commenters still doubt that he’s a Christian?

That’s an awful lot of work for Obama to go through to perpetuate a farce, no?

Is there simply no such thing as a liberal Christian? Is Christianity issue-based?


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