Part of Senator John McCain’s constituency can be described as secularist libertarian. The man, after all, is from the West, where that identity has long held a proud place. If there were any question that those folks would figure somewhere in his campaign, he laid it to rest late Monday with a campaign appearance at what may be the nation’s largest annual motorcycle rally in Sturgis, N.D.

Politico, which has got the story  , describes the event as a “celebration of all things Harley” held at a place called the Buffalo Chip Campground. From what the website says, McCain drew some rather colorful endorsements in the form of hand-made political signs.

Perhaps we can assume that the Republican senator’s campaign is not worried that the religious conservatives who occasionally raise questions about McCain’s bona fides as one of their own will let this event pass, unremarked. In any case, it should have made for great pictures. And there are a lot of people in America who like Harley-Davidsons. 



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