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With Palin, the Catholic Wars Heat Up

posted by dgilgoff

Below is a taste of the press release the conservative Catholic group Fidelis released this morning on the Palin announcement. Obama has a Catholic running mate. Now McCain does, too. The fight for Catholics is going to heat up big […]

Palin: Culture Warrior and Bipartisan Peacemaker

posted by dgilgoff

Below is McCain’s statement announcing Sarah Palin as running mate. There’s a big omission: no mention of her being a social conservative, a darling of the Christian Right. Instead, she’s framed as a bipartisan peacemaker. The McCain campaign must figure […]

Family Research Council Action Shocked and Elated Over Palin

posted by dgilgoff

God-o-Meter just hung up with Connie Mackey, senior vice president of Family Research Council Action, who is absolutely thrilled at McCain picking Palin. She was also totally stunned. I know that a bunch of conservatives had pushed her name, but […]

Picking Palin, McCain Finally Reaches out to Christian Right

posted by dgilgoff

A lot of people are surprised by McCain’s selection of Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin as his running mate. God-o-Meter was suprised when Southern Baptist Convention politicla chief Richard Land pushed for her so forcefully in a CBS News interview a […]

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Closed for the Season
With Election Day finally having come and gone, God-o-Meter is closing up shop till 2012--or at least 2010. Till then, get your faith and politics fix over at Beliefnet editor-in-chief Steve Waldman's blog. 7

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On The Religious Left, Great Expectations
The first priorities for Barack Obama's administration will be the economy and a variety of foreign policy issues. But the burgeoning religious left, which worked so hard to get Obama elected, expects some movement on its issues, including a robust White House office of faith-based initiatives, pove

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Howard Dean's Vindication
God-o-Meter wrote a piece for today's Roll Call on the vindication of Democratic National Committee chairman Howard Dean's much-derided 50-State Strategy, which is largely about reaching out to the nation's more religious voters in the red states: Years before Barack Obama showed that a liberal Demo

posted 2:01:06pm Nov. 06, 2008 | read full post »

A Post-Election Chat with Ralph Reed
Amid today's talk that Barack Obama has narrowed the God Gap, God-o-Meter checked in with Ralph Reed, who spearheaded religious outreach for George W. Bush's 2000 and 2004 campaigns and who pioneered such outreach for Republicans as executive director of the Christian Coalition. What surprised you i

posted 3:09:07pm Nov. 05, 2008 | read full post »

More Innacurate Faith Storylines From the Media
God-o-Meter is struck by the number of faith-based storylines the news media appear to have gotten dead wrong this year. One was the line that Obama was poised to make big gains among white votes, especially evangelicals, who were undergoing a generational shift in their political thinking and reexa

posted 11:53:20am Nov. 05, 2008 | read full post »

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