islam.jpgPolitico says the position has been created but not filled. It also reports the hiring as completely routine for presidential nominees:

The creation of the position comes as Obama builds out a more traditional, constituency-based campaign structure than he had in the primary.

But God-o-Meter can’t recall previous examples of presidential campaigns hiring Muslim outreach staffers (though Politico says the one likely to fill the new slot did similar work for Wes Clark’s ’04 presidential campaign). Though his campaign has, for the most part, declined to defend Islam as it combats rumors that Obama is Muslim–creating a stir among some American Muslims–GOM doubts he’s too worried about losing Muslim votes to John McCain. George W. Bush’s War on Terror demolished the (often forgotten) inroads that the GOP made with Muslim voters in 2000.
Still, might the Obama camp be worried about dampening the Muslim vote as it forcefully debunks those Muslim rumors?


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