When James Dobson ripped into Barack Obama on his radio program yesterday, his denunciation came through loud and clear in the headlines. But it’s worth noting that the head of Focus on the Family saved a bit of his ire for Obama’s Republican rival, John McCain, as well. In remarks near the end of the half-hour program, Dobson expressed “disappointment” with what he said was the McCain campaign’s relative silence on a bill in the Arizona state senate to place a state constitutional amendment outlawing gay marriage before Arizonans in the fall.

“This is in his state,” Dobson said, adding that Arizona’s Republican state senators were not being sufficiently forceful in pushing forward the legislation. Speaking to Tom Minnery, Focus’s vice president specializing in public policy, Dobson added, “And as you said, the Senator has not said a word about it. That is very disappointing. So this is a year when we have a lot of frustration with both political parties.”

Dobson has made his particular frustrations with McCain clear before, so these remarks may not come as a total surprise to McCain.



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