kentucky.jpgA dispatch on a Barack Obama Kentucky field office, courtesty of a Bluegrass State blogger who filed to the conservative Race 4 2008 blog:

I had just finished doing an undisclosed activity at Church and a friend asked me to check out Barack Obama. I couldn’t say no to my Lutheran friend.
So I drive up to the Obama office and I noticed a crudely spray-painted image of Barack Obama and a cross. So my friend and I walked in. A cross on the wall and a tall black man (a Professor of mine) greeted me. Behind him were two elderly ladies wearing crosses.
So they launched into their pitch about how Obama would care for the poor and the “least among these.”
I can’t attest to how Obama’s other 15 campaign offices in Kentucky are run. In this one the appeal to Evangelical voters is in overdrive.

God-o-Meter takes it that the Obama team is treating heavily religious Kentucky partly as a laboratory to test out Christian tactics for the general election, though it’s already tried many of them out as far back as the Iowa caucuses and South Carolina primaries (can you remember that far back?).
The question is whether those tactics are actually working.
The exit polls from yesterday’s West Virginia primary raise some serious doubts about that. Hillary Clinton won white Protestants 71-percent to 21-percent. She won white Catholics 57-percent to 40-percent. Time for a change in tactics?


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