barackmichelle.bmpGod-o-Meter noted yesterday that the Obama camp had begun subtly using surrogates to turn the bitter Wright controversy into lemonade, arguing that Obama’s Wright denouncement this week made him the opposite of the Angry Black Man: the man uniquely able to carry the country past the nation’s old divisions of culture and race that have consumed Wright. No sooner had God-o-Meter posted than Obama began including Michelle Obama in most public appearances.
Take this morning’s interview with the Obamas on the Today show (video here). Here’s what Michelle said about Wright:

…Voters are tired of this. They don’t want to hear about this division, they want to know what are we going to do to move beyond these issues. And what has made me so proud of Barack in this situation is he’s trying to move us as a nation beyond these issues that divide us so deeply as a nation.

So it seems that Barack Obama’s top surrogate has been tasked with making the case that Obama’s the anti-Wright. It’s too early to tell if that line of argument will work, but it does get Obama back to his original campaign narrative.


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