obama08.jpgBarack Obama’s Faith Outreach Director just sent this email alert about new faith and values polling to Obama’s religious supporters:

New polling this week shows that Barack Obama’s character and leadership on American values are having an impact with voters across the country of all parties and backgrounds.
First, yesterday’s CBS / New York Times poll:
Do you think [candidate] shares the values most Americans try to live by, or doesn’t (s)he?
Obama 70%
McCain 66%
Clinton 60%
And second, yesterday’s poll from Christianity Today, a well-respected magazine with a conservative Evangelical readership:
Which candidate do you support?
John McCain 50%
Barack Obama 31%
Other 8%
Hillary Clinton 7%
Ron Paul 4%

God-o-Meter couldn’t find an explanation of Christianity Today’s methodology on its web site (the Obama campaign provided this link) and so wonders how representative its sample is of the evangelical universe. After all, a handful of primary state polls conducted by Faith in Public Life show that Hillary Clinton enjoys a considerable lead among white evangelical Democratic voters. Could it be that CT’s readers skew left?


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