mccain18.jpgFrom The Washington Times:

A coalition of American Muslim groups is demanding that Sen. John McCain stop using the adjective “Islamic” to describe terrorists and extremist enemies of the United States.
Muneer Fareed, who heads the Islamic Society of North America (ISNA), told The Washington Times that his group is beginning a campaign to persuade Mr. McCain to rephrase his descriptions of the enemy.
“We’ve tried to contact his office, contact his spokesperson to have them rethink word usage that is more acceptable to the Muslim community,” Mr. Fareed said. “If it’s not our intent to paint everyone with the same brush, then certainly we should think seriously about just characterizing them as criminals, because that is what they are.”
An aide to Mr. McCain, the presumptive Republican presidential nominee who is counting on his pro-Iraq war stance to attract conservative voters, said the senator from Arizona will not drop the word.

The article goes on to say that Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, and President Bush all shy away from the “Islamic terrorism” formulation. McCain is spending the week touring parts of the country that the GOP has historically ignored. But there don’t appear to be meetings with Muslim groups on the tour schedule.
Muslims were also upset over McCain’s remarks in a Beliefnet interview last year that the idea of a Muslim in the White House made him uneasy. God-o-Meter would expect a centrist reconciler like McCain to reach out to American Muslims on the campaign trail. But it apparently hasn’t happened yet.


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