hagee.jpgThe American Prospect’s FundamentaList is calling for NBC’s Tim Russert to ask John McCain if he’ll reject the endorsement of controversial evangelist John Hagee, just as he asked Barack Obama if he’d reject Louis Farrakhan’s support at a recent debate:

Sen. John McCain’s embrace of the endorsement of Texas televangelist, prosperity preacher, and Christian Zionist zealot John Hagee has led many astute and inquiring minds to ask: Will Tim Russert ask McCain to “reject and denounce” Hagee’s support, just as he asked Sen. Barack Obama to “reject and denounce” the support of Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan — even though Obama had never even asked for Farrakhan’s support as McCain had solicited Hagee’s?
The answer, of course, is no, and here’s why: Hagee is a good, white Christian leader — controversial, inflammatory, and divisive to many, but a hero to millions of Americans and therefore to Republican candidates who want those millions of votes….
Hagee gets a pass… among Russert’s cohort, the inside-the-beltway chattering class, and in the halls of Congress. Would any member of Congress dare to question whether the Christian Zionist cause, in rejecting the possibility of a two-state solution, opposes peace while it awaits the return of the prince of peace?

God-o-Meter’s first instinct is to disagree. Has Hagee/McCain really gotten a pass “among Russert’s cohort,” i.e. the mainstreawm news media? Type McCain, Hagee, and anti-Catholic into a google news search and seven pages worth of headlines come up.


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