mccain13.jpgYou read it hear first. Last week, God-o-Meter reported that Connie Mackey, lobbyist for Family Research Council Action–the political arm of what’s likely the strongest Christian Right group in the beltway–was calling on John McCain to promise that he wouldn’t noodle with the Republican platform’s support for constitutional amendments banning abortion and gay marriage. Today, FRC Action made it official, sending out this release:

FRC Action Urges McCain to Clarify Stance on Social Issues in the GOP Platform
Washington D.C.- Last Thursday night on Fox News’ Hannity and Colmes, Sean Hannity interviewed Senator John McCain. During the course of the interview, Senator McCain nonchalantly said he would leave untouched the Republican Platform language concerning life.
He said the same regarding marriage but then reiterated his federalist approach to preserving marriage. Today, Family Research Council Action’s Senior Vice President, Connie Mackey, made the following comments:
“Last Thursday night, Senator McCain tepidly endorsed the GOP’s platform concerning the protection of life and the preservation of marriage. His response to this question as well as his federalist position regarding the definition of marriage leads one to believe that his endorsement is not definitive. Senator McCain needs to clarify that the language concerning the social issues in the Republican Platform is safe and will not be tampered with.
How could Senator McCain remain in the federalist camp on marriage when a U.S. District Court in Nebraska ruled that the Nebraska marriage amendment violated the U.S. Constitution”?

And God-o-Meter thought McCain had improved relations with his party’s Christian Right base. Will the Arizona senator lurch right on constitutional amendments? God-o-Meter doubts it. But he has to do something major if he hopes to prevent groups like FRC Action from becoming thorns in his side for the duration of the race.


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