dobson4.jpgBoth Huckabee and Dobson are staying mum on what the two spoke about when they sat down together in Colorado Springs this weekend.
Here’s what God-o-Meter would like to ask them, if it could:
Did Dobson ask Huck about his support for a government mandated cap-and-trade program to limit carbon emissions and fight global warming, a cause that Dobson has vigorously opposed?
Did Dobson question Huckabee’s support for robust investment in public schools, which helped win him the endorsement of the National Association Education’s New Hampshire chapter, and for improving arts education, which depart wildly from Dobson’s view of public education?
Did Huck ask Dobson why he didn’t endorse him months ago, when the primaries were still competitive and Huckabee could’ve used the help?


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