hall.jpgWhen he was in Congress, Ohio Rep. Tony Hall was the dean of the dwindling ranks of elected pro-life Democrats. When President Bush appointed Hall, an evangelical, as ambassador to the United Nations Agencies for Food and Agriculture in 2002, he became the poster child for Democratic Party fears about losing its socially conservative members to the GOP. So Hall’s endorsement of Hillary Clinton, and his appointment as co-chair of Clinton’s Faith and Values Steering Committee is a big deal. From the Clinton team’s press release:

Senator Clinton, a United Methodist, has a strong connection with people of faith as demonstrated by her overwhelming support from Catholic and evangelical voters according to exit polling in nearly all primaries and caucuses to date. Hall’s leadership on the Faith and Values Steering committee will facilitate the ongoing development of a community of faith leaders who provide faith-based guidance to Senator Clinton and her presidential campaign and who lead outreach to communities of faith.
“I am honored to have Tony’s support,” said Hillary. “Tony has spent a lifetime fighting for those who need a voice, those who are called the “least of these” in scripture and I look forward to having his help spreading my message about the common good throughout Ohio and our nation.”


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