Is Mike Huckabee the victim of religious discrimination from the media? In an interview with radio host Dennis Prager, brought to God-o-Meter’s attention by the Faith in Public Life blog, Huckabee accuses the press of displaying “soft bigotry” toward him because he’s an ordained Baptist preacher. He notes that the news media usually identify him as a pastor rather than as a formerly long-serving governor. God-o-Meter thinks Huck’s got a point. The media do treat Huckabee primarily as a religious person. But hasn’t Huckabee run his campaign that way? A former 2004 Bush-Cheney aide pointed out to GOM recently that George W. Bush spotlighted his evangelical faith and values but never campaigned in churches. Huckabee, by contrast, speaks from a different pulpit–often multiple pulpits–every week. The first words in Huckabee’s first TV ad weren’t “former Arkansas governor.” They were “Christian leader.” Hasn’t Huckabee campaigned primarily as a religious person? Isn’t he just as guilty as the media?9

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