rove.jpgIn this morning’s Wall Street Journal, Karl Rove echoes what God-o-Meter has been saying since Iowa: Mike Huckabee’s hefty evangelical support ain’t strong enough to carry him to the nomination. Here’s what Rove says about some of the “old rules” of campaigning still applying:

— Appealing to one part of the party isn’t enough. Mr. Huckabee rode the evangelical wave to victory in Iowa. Since then, he has not figured out how to increase his appeal to non-evangelicals. For a candidate to win, he must appeal to more than one constituency group — even one as large as social conservatives. Mr. Huckabee has yet to do that.
In each party, the winner will be the person who can draw support from the greatest number of diverse elements within the party. Being strong in just one or two of those communities is not enough.


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