romney20.jpgSpeaking at a press conference after being declared winner of today’s Republican caucuses in Nevada, Romney was asked whether his victory was due to the large share of Mormons who turned out. Romney pointed out that his margin of victory is big enough that he would have won without a single Mormon vote. He also noted that he took 38-percent of evangelicals, who represented slightly more than a quarter of caucus goers. He’s right on both scores. But looking at entrance polls, God-o-Meter is still blown away by Romney’s almost unanimous support from Nevada’s Mormons, who accounted for as big a share of caucus goers today as evangelicals. Romney got 94-percent of Mormon votes. 94-percent. That makes Huckabee’s evangelical support look tepid. God-o-Meter knows members of the Church of Latter-day Saints are ecstatic at the prospect of a one of their own in the White House. But that 94-percent is worth a million words.


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