Romney3.jpgA coalition of Christian Right leaders, mostly representing state-level groups, has issued a new 10-point argument against Mitt Romney. The memo’s mostly Massachusetts-based signers argue that Romney’s gubernatorial record casts doubt on his pro-life transformation and his stated opposition to same-sex marriage and gay rights. In other words, it calls him a fraud. Many of the 19 signers have previously come out against Romney, but the letter’s a reminder that for all his support from some nationally prominent evangelicals, there’s still a good number of mid-level Christian Right activists who are skeptical enough to publicly denounce him. From the memo:

[W]e are troubled by the unethical and Orwellian cover-up of Mitt Romney’s role in catastrophic events in Massachusetts, once the cradle of American liberty. Actions he took as governor were beyond the pale. As Romney twice explained to the homosexual “Log Cabin” Republicans, it would take a Republican to enact their agenda.
Phony Pro-Life “Conversion”
Issue # 1. Mitt Romney established abortion as a “healthcare benefit” in his own government-run healthcare plan at $50 per abortion — after his supposed “pro-life conversion.”
….Issue #2. Romney’s well-timed “pro-life” conversion for the Republican primary pulled a “states’ rights” committment out of nowhere to hedge his political bets. His claim that states’ rights trump the unalienable right to life is inconsistent and unprincipled: he simultaneously opposes an amendment to protect human life, but claims to support one to preserve marriage!
….Issue #3. Unforced by anyone, Romney overruled his own Commissioner of Public Health and lied about state law in order to compel Catholic hospitals to issue abortifacient pills — in violation of their freedom of religion enshrined in the United States and Massachusetts Constitutions. Using exactly the crafty political theatre he employed to cover his actions on same-sex “marriage” and homosexual adoption, Romney posed as defender of the very thing he was destroying, gallantly “asking” the legislature to create a special “religious exemption” for Catholic institutions.


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