romney14.jpgAs Mitt Romney has trumpeted endorsement after endorsement from evangelical and Christian Right figures, God-o-Meter has often been skeptical about their impact, feeling they reveal more nervousness than confidence in the Romney camp about getting evangelical votes. But that’s not the case with last weekend’s Romney endorsement from Iowa Christian Alliance chairman Morris Hurd. The group is the strongest Christian Right organization in Iowa by far, with real power to deliver votes and organizing muscle. From The New York Times Caucus Blog:

Mitt Romney got a surprise endorsement on Saturday from the Rev. Morris Hurd, chairman of the Iowa Christian Alliance, a prominent conservative Christian group in the state, as he introduced the former Massachusetts governor at a rally tonight.
Officials with the group typically avoid making public endorsements because of their tax-exempt status, but Mr. Hurd blurted out his decision tonight in what felt like a bit of an accident.
“I’ll tell you a little secret,” he told the audience of more than 200 people. “I haven’t told anybody else this. I’ll tell this secret out here. Next Thursday, when I go to the caucuses, I’m going to cast my vote for Governor Mitt Romney.”


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