huckabee11.jpgFellow Beliefnetter David Kuo writes today that Mike Huckabee is no Pat Robertson–the former Christian Broadcasting Network chief who finished strong in 1988’s Iowa caucuses but went on to go nowhere–because Huckabee’s base of support is much broader:

Pat Robertson didn’t have mass appeal. He scared people. He didn’t seem all there. No one is saying that about Mike Huckabee. Did you see him on Leno? Did you watch his speech tonight? This is a calm and resolute man who sniffs of authenticity, humility, and confidence. He is not Pat Robertson.

God-o-Meter is not so sure. Check out these lines from ABC’s analysis of last night’s entrance polls:

Evangelical Christians accounted for a remarkable six in 10 GOP caucus-goers, and they favored Huckabee, a Baptist minister, over Mitt Romney, who’s Mormon, by a broad 46-19 percent.
Among the remaining, non-evangelical Republican voters, by contrast, only about one in seven supported Huckabee,

A look at the entrance polls shows that among non-evangelicals, Huckabee was bested by Mitt Romney, Fred Thompson, and John McCain. In fact, Huckabee barely beat Ron Paul in this group. To God-o-Meter, that’s not exactly “mass appeal.” That’s the-only-ten-on-God-o-Meter appeal.


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