romney11.jpgAfter watching Mitt Romney accuse Mike Huckabee of inviting questions about his evangelical Christian faith on the Fox News Channel yesterday, God-o-Meter wondered whether the Romney camp really had accepted Huckabee’s apology for asking whether Mormons believe that Jesus and the devil are brothers. The Romney campaign issued a statement saying it did accept the apology on Wednesday. But a senior Romney advisor tells God-o-Meter that he doesn’t “believe Huck is innocent in bringing it up.”
“He has a life-long reputation of being thin-skinned when attacked and vindictive in his retribution,” the advisor tells GOM via email. “He has no $ to respond to our contrast ads so he uses the one weapon he has…. a theology degree. If he doesn’t know about the tenets of Mormonism then his degree isn’t worth much.”


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