huckabee5.jpgOne of the first big-name Christian Right activists to endorse Mike Huckabee was Michael Farris, the evangelical co-founder and chairman of the Home School Legal Defense Association. So it’s no surprise that evangelical home schoolers are a big part of Huckabee’s Iowa ground team. Still, God-o-Meter was surprised to read this speculative statistic in a Los Angeles Times story today about Huckabee’s Iowa effort:

[T]he buzz in political circles is that a quarter of Huckabee’s Iowa volunteers are home-schoolers. “It might even be higher than that,” said Danny Carroll, a campaign co-chairman for the state.

On the one hand, God-o-Meter is impressed. An army of Christian home schoolers can give Mitt Romney’s paid organizers a real run for their money. On the other hand, God-o-Meter wonders if Huckabee’s Iowa home schooling surge is more evidence that his robust Hawkeye State support is more an anomaly than an auger of things to come.


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