Is anyone besides God-o-Meter struck by how many of Mitt Romney’s appeals to religious conservatives seem custom-made to win over the still-undecided James Dobson of Focus on the Family? In a new TV that begins airing today in Iowa and New Hampshire titled “American Family,” would-be first lady Ann Romney says on screen: “And that’s how we raised our boys, is knowing that they were the focus.”The ad also features Mitt, who appears on a couch and at a kitchen table and says, “The future of this country is more affected by the work that goes on within the four walls of the home than anything else…. it’s just essential to have a home where faith, where love of country, where determination, where all of these features that are so much a part of America’s culture are tied to our kids.” The words “Pro-Life” and “Pro-Family” flash across the screen. Dr. Dobson, are you watching?7

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