romneyyoutubepicture.jpgIn an interview with CNBC, Mitt Romney spoke out about recent reports of anti-Mormon push polls being conducted in Iowa and New Hampshire. Watch the video here.
Romney repeatedly called the attacks un-American:

This is the week of Thanksgiving. This is a time when we’re going to be sitting down with our families and celebrating the founding of a country which was established in part recognizing our tolerance for religions. People came here to seek religious freedom. And in this week, of all weeks, for a campaign or for supporters of a campaign to be launching attacks on another candidate because of his religion is as un-American as I can imagine.

God-o-Meter has noticed that Romney prefers discussing his religion when it’s under attack, and then only to broadly denounce religiously-based discrimination. But will he use the push polling episode to deliver a longer-form explanation of his Mormonism and how it would and wouldn’t influence him as president? Given that Romney has already starting voicing the religious-liberty arguments preferred by a new campaign aide whom God-o-Meter reported is also promoting a “Mormon speech,” don’t be too surprised if he does.


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